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When you enter the shop, in Gaiole in Chianti the call is logical: L'Eroica. And it is about vintage cycling that we talk to Emanuele Nepi, the founder and creator of a shop that has an unmistakable style because here, in addition to talking naturally about the history of cycling (many books on the notice board available to tourists, also in foreign languages English, because more and more people are looking for "where L'Eroica was born") you can also admire the style. The taste and style here take the name of White Roads, the brand wanted by Nepi to underline the white roads. An appeal in English because here, in the heart of Tuscany, there is a lot of tourism across the border and to say white roads you can understand each other. A definition that increasingly takes on a meaning of its own: that of the history of cycling and, above all, of a lifestyle where the bicycle becomes a call to a slower pace and in line with man's natural times. There is nothing left to chance in the Bottega di Gaiole in Chianti, in that corner of the province of Siena where the world comes to become L'Eroica on the first Sunday of October. Emanuele Nepi has been able to grasp its essence and has recreated in its restaurant a corner of place where every cycling lover will find himself at home. There are some memories of samples and bicycles fished out and put back in place with artisan patience. But also the furniture is all recycled, building and adapting wood from huts and disused materials. The shop becomes a point of reference, not so much in the days of the Eroica, when events are organized, but especially in the rest of the year, when it becomes testimony of what this part of Tuscany has become for cyclists. And those who want to shop with that perfectly vintage / retro style dedicated to bicycles can really find everything here.

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